a new Platform As A Service to monitor maritime area

The PaaS MAIS Suite are integrated systems of hardware and software platforms (PaaS MAIS) whose purpose is to control and collect data from a maritime area with a defined perimeter called Integrated Maritime Area Integral Supervision (MAIS)

It basically consists of the following systems:

  1. PaaS MAIS (GSM & Satellite) Basic System
  2. PaaS MAIS (GSM & Satellite) Modules
  3. Mobil App
  4. PaaS MAIS (GSM & Satellite) Data Reporting
  5. MAIS Customer Expert Report

The PaaS MAIS System also provides Vertical Solutions to solve specific problems such as Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), Fishing Control, Data Buoys, Maritime Data Transmission and Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI´s).

The WOOBOAT concept

The concept is born from the experiences, needs and expectations of professional as well as amateur seamen. The research & development driven by Wooboat now meets their expectations with a reliable, strong and upgradable product... the Woobox®.

The Woobox® is intended for owners who want to stay connected with their boats via a web or mobile application (iOS and Android). With its internal GPS and its European & North America GSM coverage, a Woobox® can locate a boat, follow its route or monitor its position.

Its greatest asset is its connectivity. By default, the Woobox® connects a large number of sensors (voltmeter, thermometer, water sensor, intrusion detector,...) and can control equipments such as pump, light, anchor lights, heating, fridge, etc.

Another benefit : the Woobox® can be set up to activate defined commands automatically. Thus, in case of damage, a banned movement, an intrusion..., the Woobox® alerts the owner and automatically activates one of the selected equipments.

  • Water level detector
  • Infrared sensor
  • Smoke sensor
  • Door & window Sensor
  • Battery level sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Monitor the electric consumption
  • Geofencing (anchorage, theft, ...)
  • Boat tracking, display the route
  • Monitor shore power
  • Control onboard equipment (pump, light, heater, air conditioning...)
  • Custom settings

Connectivity & Automation

The features designed by Wooboat transform your boat into a smart & autonomous boat, a connected boat !

At your fingertips :

    • Geofence you boat with the embedded GPS antenna
    • Open / close the dock walkway
    • Open / close the sunroof
    • Switch on / off the cabin lights, the cockpit lights...
    • Switch on / off the navigation lights or the mooring lights
    • Set up a keyless engine start
    • >and so much more...

Wooboat has choosen wired sensors for these simple reasons :

    • they are cheaper and more reliable.
    • they don't need a battery, which runs out and needs to be replaced.
    • they don't need a receiver connected 24/7 to the onboard power, a nonsense for those wanting to save energy.


Safety is a primary concern for Wooboat

You can prevent risks and threats, by receiving notifications of any alarms triggered and by accessing your boat informations wherever you are.

Through a simple and intuitive interface, you set up our Woobox® according to your needs and transform your boat into a smart and autonomous one, see below some examples :

    • switch on lights and horn in case of break in
    • switch on the pump in case of water in the bildge
    • switch on the heater if the temperature is below 10°C
    • sound the horn, as soon as your boat leaves the defined mooring area.


You will receive a specific notification for any abnormal state you have set up, whether it is due to a sensor or the current position of your boat.

Providing a high tech, all inclusive and upgradable solution is our priority.


Supervise many boats with a single interface

The Woobox® is also desgin for professionnals.

The flotilla version allows you to supervise as many boats as you want, from the same mobile device or web browser you can access to onboard data.

A shipowner can quickly assist a boat or guide the relief operation to the accurate position of the vessel.

Woobox® specifications

  • 4 analog inputs
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 outputs up to 24V to 20A each
  • Power supply: 12V
  • Internal battery: 16,8 Wh
  • Battery autonomy: 15 days
  • SIM card included covers Swiss, Western Europe, USA and Canada
  • GPS & GSM antenna included
  • GPS accuracy: 2,5m
  • Programmable & automatic upgrade
  • Water resistance: IP 67

A shipowner can quickly assist a boat or guide the relief operation to the accurate position of the vessel.

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