Maritime Area Integral Supervision

March 2020

Wooboat integrates Keteatech to form a single entity and join forces.

The platform dedicated to the surveillance of maritime areas is now called M.A.I.S (Maritime Area Integral Supervision). It provides innovative solutions in constant evolution to meet all the needs of maritime fleet managers.


February 2020

Wooboat is proud to announce eMooring, the latest feature of Keteatech, our MAIS (Maritime Area Intregral Supervision) platform.

eMooring allows skippers to automatically register for a mooring buoy. When the boat enters a bay or harbor, eMooring detects the buoy on which the skipper is mooring and offers to register to the harbor master’s office that offers our services.

The information is pushed in real time to the online dashboard of our MAIS, they can also be integrated to the port’s management software.

eMooring reduces operating costs, there is no need any more to collect the mooring fees boat by boat.The service is available to any sailor using our app whether the boat is equipped with our Woobox® or not.

Membership of Solar Impulse Foundation - World Alliance for Efficient Solution

December 2018

Wooboat is proud to be a member of the Solar Impulse Foundation - World Alliance for Efficient Solution.

Based on our Woobox® and our solution Keteatech we provide boat owners, fleet managers, port authorities, natural area managers ... solutions to optimize their fuel consumption, CO2 emissions to be more respectful of sea life.

Partenership with KeteaTech Maritime Fleet Intelligence


KeteaTech, a solution for fleet management, and Wooboat are partnering to offer to their customers high values analysis about the behaviour and the usage of their boats.

Wooboat is in charge of gathering and transmitting the data with the Woobox®. The KeteaTech's servers, then take over to treat data with Big Data and Data Mining technologies.

The result : clear and detailed daily recommandations to optimise the operating costs by predictive maintenance, superior weather forecast and advanced utilisation estimation.

Wooboat partner of the First 210 Voile Mag

February 2017

In the December 2017, Voile Mag talks about the partnership between Wooboat and the magazine.

When VoileMagazine has decided to refit a First 210, Wooboat has partnered with the project by installing a Woobox® onboard.

We wanted to demonstrated that a connected boat makes sense regardless of its size. Only the number of accessories or option is different.

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Become a Marketing agent, reseller or installer ?


To accelerate our international growth, we are looking for :

  • Marketing agents to strengthen our sales team.
    You manage your local zone. You ensure the business development of new customer, reseller or installer. You promote locally the Wooboat products and services.

  • Reseller & installer to take over the sale and/or the installation of our products to our local customers. You team up with our technical team to develop custom projects for our premium customers.

If you are interested one of these positions, send us you application to the following email:

6H de Nernier / Critérium des Grand Surprise


​Wooboat is partenering with Club Nautique Nernier Yvoire. The boat will have a Woobox® customised as a GPS tracker.
During the regattas 6H de Nernier and the criterium of Grand Surprise, the races are broadcasted in live and played back online at :

Moteur Boat Magazine

March 2016

Wooboat : embedded boat automation

MoteurBoat magazine introduces about our Wooboox® : Boat automation in any boat

L'Argus du


Wooboat : embedded boat automation

Wooboat has just launch the Woobox, a solution to convert your boat into a connected one. Now home automation can also be installed on our boats.


Moteur Boat Magazine


In the December issue, Moteur Boat presents the Woobox®

AtoutNautic talks Wooboat


Connected boat

Wooboat features help you to remontly monitor your boat with the Woobox®

The Woobox® is made for boat owners who want to stay connected with their vessel through a web or mobile application. Using its integrated GPS and a european GSM coverage, a Woobox® can localize a boat, follow its route or geofence its position. 


METS 2015


This year Wooboat will be at METS 2015, the B2B nautical show held each year in Amsterdam.

We are looking forward to welcoming you !

L'Amicale des GRAND BANKS Méditerranée


Jean Martinot, secrétaire de l'Amicale de GRAND BANKS de méditerranée, nous avait rendu visite sur notre stand au salon nautique de Paris en décembre dernier et a partagé son engouement pour notre produit sur le site de l'Amicale. 

Il nous a proposé de nous joindre à leur matinée technique, lors de leur rassemblement annuel à Porquerolles le 5 septembre 2015. Nous aurons ainsi le plaisir de rencontrer directement tous les propriétaires de Grand Banks et leur présenter notre Woobox.

Retrouvez-nous au salon nautique de Paris du 6 au 12 Décembre 2014


A l'occasion du Nautic 2014, Wooboat sera présent à Paris du 6 au 14 Décembre 2014. Le salon est le rendez-vous annuel pour découvrir les nouveautés nautiques de la saison à venir avec près de 785 exposants et 1300 marques. Plus de 240 000 visiteurs sont présents chaque année au rendez-vous d'amis et de passionés de nautisme. Rejoignez-nous dans une ambiance conviviale et venez découvrir le produit Wooboat. Le concepteur, Nicolas Vandeweghe, sera présent sur le stand. Une opportunité de partager, à ne pas manquer !

Retrouvez toutes les informations sur le site officiel du Nautic 2014 :

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