Proof of concept on a training boat

To introduce our products, this is no better opportunity than installing a Woobox® on a training boat !

To develop our market in the Balearic islands, our local partner Beesensor has installed a Woobox® on Nostromo I that becomes our show room on the water.
Direct benefit your Salvador, the owner: to show to the student the route done during the training .

During a presentation, we have compared the routes saved with the onboard AIS and with the Woobox®. Both systems have the same settings: a waypoint every 2 minutes. Check the result, nothing to compare !

On the left side, the route saved by the Wobox®, on the right side the one saved by the AIS.


Comfort & Safety on an Azimut46

An other installation of a Woobox® on a 46' yacht

Like Floatinn.ch, this Azimut remains all year long on the water, the owner asked us to install a Woobox®, with 2 very clear objectives :

  1. Prevent the engines from freezing

    A sensor has been strategically installed to monitor the engine compartment and predict usual low temperatures in winter of lake Léman.

  2. Keep comfortable temperature inside
    To prevent a too cold or warm temperature inside the yacht, the Woobox® commands a Dyson fan heater hot&cool.

In addition to this installation, a 230VAC sensor checks the power shore and a water sensor is fixed in the bilge.​

Wooboat, in partnership with VoileMagazine

Wooboat has joined VoileMagazine in the refit of a First210, by providing a Woobox®.

We aimed to demonstrate that a connected boat make sense what ever its size, the only difference is the number of accessories. In this case, the First 210 is fitted with the Pack Secu :

  • a Woobox®
  • an european GSM coverage
  • a water sensor
  • a breaking sensor
  • an output connected to the alarm
  • the geofencing
  • a mooring alarm
  • a live tracking interface
  • a safety battery

A public web page is online to follow its last cruises : https://boat.wooboat.com/Wooboat/public/First210_voilemag.jsp

floatinn.ch has choosen Wooboat

Discover a new installation on FLOATinn, a Sanya 57 from Fountaine Pajot ship-yard.

The owner has choosen Wooboat to increase the onboard comfort : now he commands remotely the heating system, the roof lights, the main lights,... and guards its boat from intrusions.

A must see, in the beautifull Geneva harbour

A Woobox® in a 1985 Surprise Archambault

In 2015, we had begun the refit of the Surprise by:

  • removing the linings
  • replacing the fissured and broken windows
  • installing a solar panel
  • installing a lazy jack

Now, its Woobox® permits to

  • command remotely the mooring lights
  • detect water in the bildge
  • monitor the charge of the battery
  • guard from intrusion
  • geofence the boat and be alerted if the boat leaves its allowed area.

Next step: installation of a new electrical panel and navigation instruments

to be continued...

A Woobox® in a Bayliner 652 Cuddy

Hereunder, the testimony of the owner of a Bayliner 652 Cuddy who has bought a Woobox® to increase the safety, the practicality and take benefits of the connectivity.

"Mon bateau est amarré sur le lac Léman à environ 30 mn de mon domicile. La Woobox® m'a permis de le sécuriser et de le rendre encore plus pratique. Plus de risque de casse moteur lié au gel, ou de retrouver mon bateau rempli d'eau, je suis tout de suite alerté par l'application. Et surtout fini les sorties annulées parce qu'on a oublié les clés à la maison ! "

Installation in details :

  • The bildge blower can be switch on remotely
  • The keyless feature is priceless if you lose or forget your keys.

In addition to standard features like geofencing, the boat is equiped with :

  • a water sensor that can automaticaly switch on the bildge pump
  • a voltmeter to monitor the battery level
  • a thermometer to monitor the outside temperature
  • a keyless engine start, only available from the owner's smartphone

The owner stays virtually onboard his boat through the web or mobile application. He can access the boat information 24/7, and react immediately in case of damage.

Woobox® customization for a house

In order to fulfil the customer's need, we have customized a Woobox® to manage devices in 230VAC like, outdoor lights, gate, garage door,...

Les vols de moteurs de bateaux augmentent en Suisse

"Depuis 5 ans, des vols de moteurs de bateaux sont signalés, depuis le nombre augmente tous les ans. Cette année, près de 200 vols ont été recensés en Suisse. Les voleurs agissent la nuit et semblent très organisés. Les lacs sont aussi touchés que les canaux ou les rivières." - lematin.ch

With a Woobox®, you will get a warning in case of breakin but you can also secure your outboard engine without accessory.

Choose the safety and protect your boat.

Source : http://www.lematin.ch/suisse/vols-moteurs-bateaux-augmentent-suisse/story/19844548

Prevent your boat from sinking !

Do not wait till it is too late, be alerted by the Woobox® as soon as the damage appears.

The sensors installed onboard can alert the owner in case of damage and automatically activate devices.

In this case, a Woobox® would have monitored the water in the bildge, alerted the owner and limited the damages by switching on the bildge pump.

You have an automatic bildge pump ? Good...
How long does the battery last ?
What happens when the boat runs out of battery ?

 Keep control !

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